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My DD is going through a nurse-all-night phase (she just started crawling a few weeks ago and her upper two teeth came in) and starting about a week ago my letdown started getting slower and slower when I nursed her during the first part of the night (11 pm - 3 am). Last night it was really bad - I didn't feel a letdown at all during 3 or 4 attempts at nursing. It doesn't seem to affect DD much - she nurses back to sleep anyway on the dribble - but she wakes up less than an hour later to try again. I am getting seriously sleep-deprived even though we cosleep and I've been able to sleep through nursing before, because I am getting woken up so much more frequently and I get freaked out when my letdown doesn't start. (I had supply issues for 4 months so I am always worried my DD is not getting enough.)

DD is nearly 9 months old and is eating some solids, but not tons. In the morning her diaper is thoroughly soaked (we use sposies - good ones, never leaked before, but she's making them leak now) so I know she's getting enough somewhow but it's driving me crazy.

Why would my letdown be failing in the first part of the night? After about 3 am it seems fine and I get 2-3 hour stretches between nursings. Is there anything I can do?
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