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No more lines? Anyone POA Digital Stick yet?

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I've been checking out the Clear Plan sight because I'm trying to make head or tails out of my monitor report.

They now have a "digital" test that gives results in words.

Has anyone seen or tried them?

I find myself strangely nostalgic since I've been looking for two lines for so long, that part of me is going "Dammit I want my two lines". Then again I think about all the "is the line dark enough"/ white lines, evaporation line agony everyone goes through, and I think Good idea.
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I wonder how sensitive it is? I also wonder if it has an "evaporation positive."

I'm curious too. Someone go pee on one, quick!
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I just bought a FRED, but saw the digital one. I only noticed it because of this thread. I came close to buying it, but didn't because then I would test too often, too soon. I probably will anyway, who am I kidding?
: :LOL If I try it, I'll let you know!
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I did one this morning. BFN unfortunately. Of course that was after two days of maybes on a regular test from Target so I don't really know where I am.

Anyway, Target has them two for $11.99 right now which seems pretty good. It was a little more complicated than whipping out the stick and peeing on it but not too bad. The directions make it sound like if you make one mistake you'll screw up the test though so that made me nervous and seemed like a lot of pressure for 7 a.m. I actually studied the directions the night before

There isn't a lot of room for wondering with this. The Not Pregnant just came right up after 1 minute. It seems pretty definite. On the other hand I couldn't help wondering what would have happened after three minutes.

When you pop out the test stick you see the control line and what looks like a regular testing line. The directions tell you to ignore those lines but of course I couldn't help but notice the faint blue test line on my stick. So in the end you can still second guess the digital

I'll be doing my second test on Monday if AF doesn't show.

Good luck - hope this was helpful.
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