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No movement yet ?

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I am 17 wks with dc #2. Last time by this point I had a a good amount of flutters. This time around nada. I have a lot of bodily functions that could be confused for a flutter...but no real movement. I started to feel ds almost everyday by 19 weeks...So I figured this time around I would feel something sooner. I know it is totally normal and I could have an anterior placenta or just a little extra adipose (cushioning LOL). But still I was really hoping I would feel a lot more a lot sooner. Maybe this baby is just a lazy one where as ds was and still is ACTION BOY!!
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I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow with #1 and I am just not sure yet. . .I think I have felt some movements, but can't decide yet whether I am just confusing it with other belly twitches. So I hear ya! I really want to get to the point where I feel it regularly and know for sure its baby. I have that first-time wondering and doubting. And I have no idea where my placenta is. But I'll just be super happy to hear the heartbeat again next week. . .seems like its been so long!
I usually feel mine very early (and I have enough cushioning that I suspect that's not a huge issue
) but this time around, I felt super-early flutters, and an occasional flutter here and there, but nothing really solid even now. It's the one reason I'm going to do a 20 wk scan... I suspect it's as simple as placental location, but I keep expecting to feel solid movement by now.
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I am 20.1 weeks and I am just starting to really feel the bean. This is #4 for me so you would think I would recognize it earlier but I have loads of cushion.
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I'm on my 4th as well, and 18w3d and just in the last few days started to say YEs, that is babe - but its only once or twice a day. I heard the heartbeat a week ago and it was fine, so all must be okay here too....

I think with our subsequent we tend not to feel it as much as we're so busy already being a Mum. Plus, there is the aspect of placental placement. It could be anterior (meaning on the front of the uterine wall) and therefore muffling the movements. I had that with my 3rd and didn't feel movements til well into my early 20's weeks.
I'm 17+5 and not feeling anything yet, either.
First thing Sunday morning I felt that ping pongy baby action felt it about 5 times yesterday once today
:. Now it feels real!
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Yay! Same thing happened to me. . .I was starting to get worried (any excuse ya know
) and then today I had two separate times where I felt these distinct little pokes that just couldn't have been intestinal rumblings. It was like being gently poked by someones index finger on the inside! Weird, but it was so fun to finally go "yep, that's my baby!". Hooray for all the little movers and shakers in us!!!!
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