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No Naps

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It's me again. Things have been going a little bit better at night. I read the No Cry Sleep Solution and got some interesting tips. Also my dh has been great with the baby at night and we are now taking turns getting up with her--so dd may not be getting better sleep but dh and I are! Regardless, I cannot stop worrying. I feel like I am missing out on my dd seventh month (which is over at the end of the week) because she has been so sleepy and grumpier than normal. She is usually such a sweet and happy baby but since these sleep problems began, there are less smiles. Now I am obsessing over the fact that she will not take naps during the day! On Saturday, she took and hour nap in the morning and 45 minutes in the afternoon. This was great! Sunday--no morning nap and about 40 minutes in the afternoon. So far today (noon my time) she has not napped at all. We try everything--responding immediately to her cues, feeding her, rocking her, trying to set a routine etc.--and nothing we do seems to work. I work full time and I worry about her caregiver during the day. Ten hours with a sleepless baby is a long time! I know that she is patient and loving but I know how difficult it is on me when dd goes all day without sleeping and I am her mother! Any nap time advice? Thanks.
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Harper, I forget what you said in your previous post, so sorry if I suggest things that just won't work for you.

However, for us, the sling is the lifesaver. Mind you, it doesn't work in the house.....ever! We have to put dd in it and get outside for a walk. Luckily, we live in a quiet, rural area, so dd just looks at the trees for awhile and then usually just drifts off to sleep. Sometimes she takes her soother, sometimes not. We used to have to walk the entire nap time, but now after about 15 minutes we can usually put her down. If she stirs and starts to cry, I just stick my boob in her mouth and she'll usually drift off. I know your caregiver can't do the boob thing, but perhaps she could have a bottle on standby.

You might try it on your next weekend. Do you have a sling? DD is also starting to fall asleep in her backpack, but it's impossible to get her out of that and into her bed so she doesn't sleep long.

A last resort is always the car. If you really think she needs sleep, get her in the car, nurse her or give her a bottle while she's in her carseat and she might drift off that way. If not, she'll probably scream her head off, which will make her tired enough that when you get home she'll fall asleep with rocking, bouncing or nursing. I'm sorry if that sounds terrible. We never intentionally let dd cry, but when she does have a bit of a yell, she does sleep better after it.
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