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No-poo and hair loss

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Hi, all!

I am desperate to find something to help with a hair loss issue I'm having, and I'm wondering if trying a no-poo regime might help.

I have hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), and a common side effect is hair loss. Ironically, the thyroid medication I'm on (Synthroid) has hair loss as a side effect (Go figure!
: ). To combat this, I started taking Evening Primrose Oil supplements, which is supposed to help curb the hair loss, according to the research I've done.

Anyway, I'd like to try to address the problem from the outside, as well. I would not be surprised if the chemical-laden shampoos are making the situation worse. My hair seems to be simultaneously oily (at the scalp) and dry/brittle elsewhere. I often feel like I need some sort of a leave-in conditioner.

So, no-poo seems like it might be worth a try. But has anyone noticed hair loss after starting no-poo? Has anyone noticed less hair loss? (I hope!)

I'm just not sure how this will affect my already stressed hair ...

Thanks so much for any advice!
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just wanted to bump for you....I remember reading somewhere that people felt that their hair was getting thicker after shifting to no-poo. Maybe do a thread search for no poo and hair loss?
Thanks so much!

I will hunt for that thread.
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There is anecdotal evidence that men with hair loss issues benefitted from high doses of inositol. Biotin is used topically in hair-growth products and internally in "hair vitamins".

Some people swear massage can help, by increasing circulation to the scalp, but it must be done a certain way, i.e. not sliding your fingertips around in your hair (that will just break off hairs). I'll check and see if I still have the link but you could also Google "scalp massage".

A no-lose strategy is to learn how to handle your hair very gently so you won't lose any extra due to breakage, brittleness, splitting or tangles. Is your hair long? If you invest in a seamless comb and learn to wash & style it gently, you'll minimize unneccessary hair loss. Anything that dries your hair out or makes it brittle increases the chances that you're losing hair you don't have to be losing.

ETA: both henna and "neutral henna" (cassia obovata) thicken & strengthen the hair shaft; protein treatments also do this, but more temporarily.
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