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No-Poo; Needing HELP

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So I just discovered this whole thing last night from freerangemama and tried it today. I washed with baking soda, peppermint eo, tto, and water. Then rinsed. And followed by a rinse of diluted acv which I rinsed out after I washed my body. My hair is wavier than normal today but my crown is soooo oily. Yuck! I really wanna make this work but I can't stand oily hair! What's a mama to do? Am I doing something wrong? Is it okay to wash with teh BS daily cuz like I said, I can't stand greasy hair!

And just an FYI I found a very firm 100% boar bristle brush at Sally's for 6.49.
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Skip the oils. Just do baking soda, water rinse, acv rinse, water rinse.
besides skipping all those oils, try using less vinegar, too.
All the above, plus maybe it's your initial adjustment. I was oily for a little while I think. Use BS as often as you have to, to feel comfortable, then you should be able to gradually taper off.

I had to give up the boar's head brushes, at least for regular use, because they seemed to make my hair oily-looking.

ditto on the boar bristle brush. seems to stimulate oil. and the acv. i have to use very, very little, maybe 2 tbsp in a pint of water.

try this if you don't want to ditch the eo's. wash, use acv & water, rinse. put eo's in widemouth jar/bowl. add shower water. dip the *length* of your hair in. then pour remaining water over your head. this way most of the eo's should cling to the length of your hair away from your scalp.

but i understood eo's to be different from carrier oils anyway, in that they absorb into your skin very quickly, and shouldn't stick around to make your scalp greasy. you're only using a few drops right?

anyway, if you can't solve it & can't stand it, it shouldn't *hurt* your hair to use the bs as often as you feel the need. i just personally believe that less is more kwim?

just looked at your post again & it really sounds like it's the vinegar.
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