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I live in Corpus. I have found a doctor that does not agree with not vaxing...but he also does not flip out at you. He doesn't push.

His name is Dr. Dohi.

I have only gone to him once. I thought my 20 month old possibly had pertussis. He ordered a nose swab and it came out that he had croup.

He did not freak out when I told him that my child had not had any vaccines at all. When I told him I had found his name on a no vax friendly list, he said he knew his name was on there, but that he does believe in fully vaccinating.

Its the best I have found so far!

I would love to find a doctor that was more like minded. I am still not sure of what I am going to do in the future. But for right now, I want to hold off on the vaccines, at least until he is school age.
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