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When is it safe to use NO2 during pregnancy? I am a total wuss who has to use it at every dental visit, even during just a routine cleaning. Some dentists' offices say they don't use it at all because some of their employees were having trouble conceiving because of it, and my dentist said one of his assistants has stopped working on people who are having NO2 because she was pg.

From what I understand, the effects of the drug stop as soon as the mask comes off, and I only breathe about 50 to 55% NO2. I don't pass out or sleep, I'm totally awake but just relaxed. Is it safe during the 2nd or 3rd trimester, if not the 1st? And can it really be a problem for someone TTC? (BTW, I am allergic to valium and other valium-type drugs.)

Thanks for reading this!
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