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Nobody had a babe in May 04?

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I tried a search because I saw ALL the other DDC threads talking about our upcoming two year olds and I didn't see one for May of 04. I was the only one pg in May? Where is everybody?
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My Gracie was born May 1st, 2004!! I can't believe she's going to be 2!!!
I thought I just saw something earlier today??

Mine was born May 19 2004!
Logan was born May 14, 2004 :) So close to two now! He is so interesting these words are exploding out of him...although I think only DS and I understand most of them, LOL. I can barely remember when he was just born now.
I tried to find a thread for May 04 in the search function. I typed in May and found no matches

My DD was born May 27 04. I agree it feels like forever ago. Especially since DS just turned 8 mos.

I know what you mean on the vocab thing. DD is a little parrot right now saying every word we say. We need to watch ourselves now because there are a few things DH says that I really don't want her to pick up on.
as I said before I used the search function and looked up May. It said NOTHING matched my search criteria. Maybe my search function is on the fritz again.
you can't use the search function for a word with less than 4 letters

I tried it with May 04 as well. Humm. Oh well. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I appreciate it.
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