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<b>When and where purchased:</b><br>
March 2007<br>
Noelove, Noel < 3,<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br><br><b>Specific item:</b><br><br>
Complete website design and installation<br><br><br><b>Customer service:</b><br><br>
Poor and unprofessional. For $450 I expected a quality design, knowledgeable installation, and reasonably quick service. I received neither. From the beginning, Noel didn't ask what I wanted, disregarded my needs and suggestions, and didn't take criticism well. She consistently did the opposite of what I asked. I was not treated like a customer. I had to put a lot of my own time and effort into offering suggestions, taking pictures for her, and attempting to communicate my needs while trying to work with her needs. I had already paid half ($225 of $450) and she insisted that she would come up with something for me.<br><br>
After a month of delays, personal hardship excuses, and flawed unacceptable designs, I asked for a refund. She brought up a "no refund" policy that I was not made aware of and insisted on continuing. When she finally came up with a halfway acceptable design (though still badly flawed), I suggested she try installing it on my website to see how it looked online. She then decided that she could not work with the host I was using. (I told her who my host was when I asked for a quote, before paying in the beginning.) She gave me two choices: she would either need at least another month to see if she could work on it (and admitted that she didn't want to) or she would give me the design as-is "for no additional charge" and I could have someone else finish and install it. I refused and demanded a refund. I paid for complete design and installation and received neither.<br><br>
She tried bargaining with a logo that I didn't need. I refused. She finally refunded $125 and kept $100, then emailed me the simplistic logo (which I told her that I cannot and will not use) and said that she was giving me the logo "at the discounted rate of $100". I refused. She ignored. I filed through PayPal but they denied me a refund because "the item purchased was virtual or intangible".<br><br><br><b>Product review:</b><br><br>
The designs presented were of poor quality and badly flawed. Nothing remotely as creative and attractive as those in the portfolio, and nothing of what I repeatedly asked for and was willing to work with her on. I accepted a design with the exception of a few serious flaws that needed correcting. She then decided not to complete the project. I lost $100 for nothing usable nor agreeable in return. $100 goes a long way in my home. I am very dissatisfied and disappointed.
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