While we're so excited that the market for dye-free, non-GMO and organic candy and sweet treats continues to grow, we still want to be mindful of our children's consumption--particularly during holiday seasons. While chocolate bunnies and black jelly beans abound, we sought out some unique and fun non-candy alternatives for Easter baskets. Here are some of our favorites!

I'm not sure how Easter baskets are in your house, but in ours, they can get pretty full, pretty quickly. When my son was younger and I realized that finding stuff that wasn't full of dye or sugar (or both) to put in his Easter basket was going to be a bit more challenging than I thought. As he got older, and saw aisle after aisle at Target or the grocery story filled with pastel-colored candies and chocolate bunnies? I was thankful that there were at least a few organic or dye-free options that I could include in his basket. I'll never forget the year he was 6-years-old and said, "The Easter Bunny knows you won't let me have any dye. I'm glad."

I was too.

But the truth is, if we're going to fill those baskets with something other than colored eggs for our kiddos, it's nice to have options that aren't candy at all. Options that are unique or fun or even necessary but with a holiday theme or twist. Filling baskets with non-candy alternatives means less junk in our kids' bodies, but also an opportunity to pick up a few small wants and needs so we're not just buying stuff for stuff's sake.

That's why we wanted to share a few of our favorite non-candy alternatives for Easter baskets, and would love to hear about some of your favorites as well!

We love Slumberkins! A couple of favorites are Honey Bear Kin and Slumber Sloth. Honey Bear Kin teaches kids about gratitude with an adorable book and super snuggly lovey, while Slumber Sloth is a great way to help children to learn to relax and wind down in a world full of stimulation and change. They'll easily become your littles' besties, and we love that they were designed to teach children better socio-emotional skills.

Speaking of building socio-emotional skills, one of our favorite new finds is Big Feelings Pineapple! This fun little pineapple is a great way for preschoolers to learn how to appropriately show and share feelings and allows them to represent in silly and serious ways what's going on inside of them. It's a great discussion starter when your little has some big feels, and allows them to name and claim emotions as they grow. In doing so, they learn to recognize and manage their emotions better too. Win-win!


We also came across Little Bridges Grandma & Me: Cooking In The Kitchen. This adorable kit was created by award-winning author Kate Jerome and is the perfect way to encourage relationship between your kids and their grandparents in a meaningful way. We adore the Grandma & Me: Explore Outdoors kit too as it lets kids who have probably been missing their grandparents this year have experiences and make memories with them. Each kit has everything you need for your kids to have a beautiful, shared experience and leaves both grandma and your child with a memento of the time spent together.

And when it comes to family time, we couldn't get enough of the Shotgun game from What Do You Meme? As we're starting to venture out again and take some road trips, Shotgun is the perfect way to make that family time fly by with FUN! It has 200 cards that have questions, challenges, dares and more, and it's completely family-friendly. Road trips will never be the same again!

Wanna jazz those Easter baskets up for your tweens/teens? Check out Rock The Locks and Foot Nanny. Non-candy options for baskets that will let them give themselves a bit of pampering and a lot of pizazz and individuality. Rock The Locks has no harsh chemicals, no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, dyes or petrolatum, and your kids will go ga-ga for their Shake and Shimmer Glitter Hairspray!

You probably already know about and love FootNanny's amazing products for taking care of yourself from the feet up, but they've launched a Kids Kit too that will fill a basket with holistic goodness that starts feet first. At-home pedicures that feel great and are with clean ingredients? Yes, please!

We also are in LOVE with the Spunky Stork! They have the softest organic onesies and shirts for your littles--and even more fun, they have amazing Daddy & Me and Mama & Me sets that will be great for ALL the peeps in your family!

Of course, what's an Easter basket without some fun accessories for play? Playfoam Putty is safe, non-toxic, doesn't dry out and lets kids have tons of fun with a unique sensory experience. Or, check out PlusPlus's Big Bunny kit. Non-toxic builders that your kids can reuse for other creations, or customize as their imagination lets them. No Easter basket is as cool as one that has bubbles in it, but not just any bubbles! We love these no-spill Fubbles that allow tons of bubble fun with even the littlest in your family spilling the bubble juice everywhere!

Have a fidgeter? Foxmind's GoPop Last One Lost is the PERFECT thing. There's something addictive about the poppers, but in a good way, and for fidgeters? this may be the best thing they pull out of the basket!

And for wee ones, consider this adorable bunny lovey and Bunny Balls from HABA. HABA rigorously tests all toys and items through European standards, and has been making quality kids' toys and accessories for what seems like forever. Their commitment to clean and green toys was what they were founded upon, and you can trust them with your littlest.

If you want to wrap all the beauty of spring up with one picture that starts as a puzzle, this Ravensburger Kids' Puzzle is the way to go! Perfect for littles learning to piece things together, it ends up as a gorgeous representation of adorable baby animals and your child's accomplishment in putting it together! Great for family time together too!

What are some of your favorite non-candy alternatives for Easter baskets?