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anyone have any articles on being non coercive?<br><br>
specific problems i have:<br><br>
1. Not laying still at naptime. Today I put my arm over him and said I would move it after he laid still. I'm feeling pretty bad about it even though he was annoyed, not screaming and it was only about 10 seconds. Usually I would let him get up, but we are going somewhere tonight so I guess I was being too controlling. If he is tired he would fall asleep in the car. whew, thanks for letting me get that out there.<br><br>
2. Not sitting at the table. Okay, i have no problem with him not sitting at the table, but then he goes into the living room and begs for someone to play with him. If no one comes, (b/c we are hungry!), he goes into the living room and runs around, jumps on the furniture, plays with things he isn't supposed to, anything he is not supposed to do to get attention.<br><br>
more later got to go.
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