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I always use a banana. lol Then I add whatever I feel like. I also try to add something for protein, usually a spoonfull of Sunbutter. If there are no allergies in your family and you're doing nuts, you could use peanut or a nut butter. I also use rice protein powder sometimes. It's gritty though. Since you can do soy, you could use soymilk for the liquid, although I wouldn't use soy as a sub for milk daily. Too much soy isn't healthy for little kids, imo. I like to use orange juice for the liquid. THen I add frozen fruit. I also add fresh vegetables to my smoothies sometimes, although I think the appearance might turn the kids off. I like beets and sometimes a little kale. THe fruit usually covers up the taste of the veggies if you don't add too much. THe beets make a very pretty color.
My blender sucks, so it's chunky, but I'm sure it's better w/ a better blender.
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