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Can someone share recipes or point me in the direction to find ideas for non-dairy smoothies? Both my boys are dairy intolerant. I have been making fruit/coconut milk/honey or agave nectar/milled flax seed ones this week, which I like but DS2 isn't so thrilled with. He doesn't seem to have much of a sweet tooth (unlike his mother!). Both my boys are also pretty low on the weight charts so extra calories on't hurt them at all. I have seen smoothie recipes but most seem to be dairy based. I'm not too creative with smoothie ideas so thanks for any sugestions!
LOVE the smoothies!!!

1. soy milk, frozen coconut, frozen banana.
2. frozen papaya and pineapple juice
3. frozen strawberries, pineapple or tangerine juice, and papaya
4. frozen pineapple, papaya, and soy milk
5. pineapple juice with a combination of frozen berries.
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