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Non-discreet NIP experience at Walmart!

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Olivia (almost a year old) was really fussy at walmart yesterday. We had a lot we need to get done in a short period of time so I didn't have time to sit down. So I just hoisted my shirt and laid her down and walked around nursing. Without a sling! I was very proud of myself (hey shes 22 lbs it wasn't easy! LOL). I wasn't totally indiscreet but you could sure tell what I was doing and my tummy and side of my breast was showing. I got a LOT of dirty/shocked looks. Ah well, I like educating the public!
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yay shawna!
:LOL I do that all the time! :LOL In a store, I usually make it even easier on myself and rest Eli on a cart handle while I walk, but I frequently walk around with him in arms. I've got it fairly easy, though; he's skinny :LOL. I'm glad that other people do it, too!
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OMGoodness -- I had one of those day before yesterday too! My ds was in the sling, but when he latched on his "on top" hand grabbed my shirt & did that straight-arm thing and shoved it (and held it) to the top of my breast...

Ah well -- at least my hives had faded enough that I didn't freak anyone out with a bright-red splotchy boobie! :LOL

Congrats Shawna!
I like to do that too sometimes jsut to shock people. Of course I also then get a slew of walmart working guys come up to me and ask if I need help with anything as I have my hands full!
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