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Non-Ebay diaper swapping sites

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I thought we should try to compile a list of non-Ebay sites where people can get their hands on second-hand diapers. Aside MDC, I know Diaper Swappers and Baby Cotton Bottoms. Can everyone chime in with their favorite place to buy & sell diapers? TIA.
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I recently sold covers on, very easy, loved it!
BuzzShops auctions (free to list and use): Many Pin mamas are trying to support this site so we have an alternative auction forum.
A new website I just learned about, called

They use a non-monetary system of trading that is really very interesting. I have sold one FB on there, and it went quickly. I also "bought" some clothes for me and dd.

Right now there are a lot of peeps overcharging for stuff, but... if we all moved there, we could trade dipes and baby stuff back and forth. I dunno, check it out.

The Hyenacart has a FS or Trade in the Forums section. Lots of great diapers!
I received an email from the owner (Rhiana) letting me know of her free auction website. I thought there may be other moms who would like to be aware of this as well.

She said:

"Hi All

I am trying to get the word out that I have this site up and running. I need to make adjustments to it though. I've had it for awhile but never did anything with it. I thought it was the perfect opportunity now that Ebay doesnt allow you to sell cloth diapers that are used anymore. Of course its a regular auction site so you can sell other things besides diapers.
Its free to list! If you get something saying you owe for listing at the end of your auction, just delete it. I am trying to make those adjustments now.


I registered!
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