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Non or selective vax minded pediatrician in Metro Phoenix

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Hello Everyone, I am new to MDC and hope I use all the right lingo for my questions. Forgive me...I am a newbie. Anyhow, is there anyone out there that is aware of any open-minded pediatricians when it comes to vaxxing. I'm looking for a dr. to administer only the DT for my baby. The ones I've come across only carry DPaT. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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I'm not sure if this is too far for you from where you're located, but we see Wendi Morfitt at Scottsdale Children's Group, at the Osborn and ****** office.

We didn't start with them until DD was a year (had just moved here), and she has seemed pretty cool about not vaxxing now. Asked if I had any questions and requested that I sign that form and that was it...

I also like her because she doesn't seem overly anxious to prescribe. When DD had a mild ear infection, she suggested watch and wait instead of just writing out a scrip for ABX...
i responded on your other thread did you see it?
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