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Non-stop crying...

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Should I be concerned about this 9 month old I watch on Tues/Wed? He gets here cries for the first hour or so. He is always in my arms/sling. He cries when any other child comes near him. He cries and waves his little arms around whenever I tend to another little one. My daughter (1) now cries when he does (not the whole time, but often) and I think she is developing a dreaded feeling when he's around.

I have asked advice before about carrying him, and I try carryiung both he and my dd, but she is 28 pounds, and he's maybe 15. So, it's very unbalanced and my shoulder pinches/arm goes numb.
It's all very frustrating.
Does anyone know what I might try that I haven't? Should i try setting him down adn playing with him while he's upset just to show him I'm still there and comforting him? My ds (3) asks for quiet time now...poor guy. He's not really fond of noise to begin with.
Am I just in a bad situation that may not work out for this little babe?
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