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Non-toxic bug repellant...that works?

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We just moved to the northeast where I already got three mosquito bites (they love me, but come on - it's only April!) I need to find something that will really work to keep the bugs off my toddler and baby. Most of that stuff is so evil. Is there something that really, truly works that won't, like, burn the skin off my child?
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Kiss My Face Fly Swotter. That's good stuff!
I am a mosquito magnet, and the only natural repellant that works for me is "Herbal Armor." It has soybean oil in it, which in clinical studies is the one ingredient that really seems to make a difference (read that in the New York Times a couple years ago). I have to reapply it every 1-2 hours, but it really works.
eat a banana every day. there's a chemical in them that mosquitoes don't like the taste of.

Wow - I need this thread. We are living in Brazil. There are zillions of mosquitoes, no screens on windows or doors, and we live in one of the cities where dengue fever is a big problem. Our house is always full of mosquitoes. DD constantly has bites keeping her awake or causing her general discomfort (not to mention risk of nasty nasty disease). There are different mosquitoes out during the day, during the night etc. So, it's not like the midwest where if you are out around 6 or 9 you'll get bitten - you just get bitten! I keep the ceiling fans on in the playroom and sleeping room. We have a noxious plug-in thing at night. And I have been forced to start using a repellant as well. She was getting DOZENS of bites each day, now she gets 1-5. I have tried essential oils and they don't do a d*mn thing here (or should I try slathering her in soy oil first. It's the cheapest cooking oil here).
OK, so more of a vent than a response. We will be returning to the US to live in few weeks. And I will be glad for sure to stop using DEET products to keep my daughter safe from nasty/fatal disease and the discomfort of a terrible itch. "moquito bite you!"
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I take extra Vitamin B complex before I got camping. I swear it wards off both mosquitoes and hangovers, both prevalent on my trips!
Aah! how do you administer extra vitamin B complex to a 2+ year old. Or do I just take it since she's nursing still?
I knew you guys would know something - thank you!
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