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non-toxic "plastic" lot-- FOR SALE

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Still clearing out everything here and finally starting to "knock a dent" in these medical bills from my accident
I found these items that I thought some mama may be interested in ...I would like to sell in a "LOT"

~~TWO Non-Toxic Plastic Bottles from Marilyn Farms (bought these for $9.00 each a couple of years ago) They are both green and have not been used that much. They have on screw tops that are attached. The bottles have the Marilyn Farms logo on it and says the "safe" plastic.

~~One blue (not sure name brand) of the non toxic plastic bottle. It also has a screw on top.

~~Assortment of the long handled (NEW kind) baby spoons. They are all the same with the small spoon part.

ASking $12.00 for this lot
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