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Non Vax Cool Ped in PDX Metro Area?

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My insurance company just dumped my naturopath.... I'm not opposed to going to a ped if ds is sick, but I don't vax and don't want any hassles. Does anyone have any recs of a no-vax friendly ped or naturopath in the Portland area? I actually live in Estacada, his doc was in Sandy, but I take him so infrequently that I'd be willing to drive to go to someone without hassles!

Thanks so much mamas!!

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Thanks! I was just about to bump this. I know there are a lot of PDX area moms on here, so someone *has* to know!! I think this is just a slower board....
Can't help you with an NP; our insurance doesn't cover them so I've never looked. We're currently using Dr. Walls at Hawthorne Family Medicine. You get the soft sell on vaccines, nothing more. I'm not very happy with the practice, however, and am looking for something else. There's a Dr. Yankee at the same practice who is supposed to be quite good. There's a family doctor by the name of Barry (something like Barry) Davis, I think in Lake Oswego. His wife is a Bradley instructor. I'm pretty sure they didn't vax their own kids.

Sorry can't be more help. I'll be watching this thread too.
tnak... so this will be short, but we love dr. joe sullivan at providence med grp cascade: 503.215.6470. he was very supportive of our delayed/selective vax schedule, and great with our son. he's on sabattical now (practicing in central america) but is coming back late july. his nurse, sue is awesome, too.
We go to NP Max Tenshcure at HealthMax in NW Portland. He's wonderful with babies, pro-vax at the end of the day, but supportive of our decisions, which are officially to delay, but I'm sure there are some we'll skip completely. When dd got HiB he didn't get freaked out and instead kept talking about how cool it was that she was fighting it off on her own! His words: "I'm SO STOKED!"
Made a fence-sitting (when it comes to vaxing) mama very relieved. I love him.
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I use Dr. Jennifer Means in Tigard. Her number is 5003-639-1464. She is a ND, and she takes lots of different insurances. I highly recommend her for the whole family.

Yeah everyone! Keep going!

I checked, and Dr. Sullivan isn't on the plan (well, he is on the PPO, not the HMO). Crapweasel. I'm a little nervous to try an ND, as our insurance royally screwed over our last one, even though they were covered. They got in a fight, and now our ND is no longer covered by them. Nice.
I have been asking around too and haven't found anyone yet. Oh and Owensmom, crapweasel, you are a riot!!!
I'm wondering the same thing too, but we've got Kaiser. I've already gotten into it twice with our ped. about co-sleeping (like it's any of her business!)--I'm giving her one more try & then she's out if she keeps hassling me. We've just decided to stop vaccinating, so now I'm getting ready for a real fight. Good luck. And if anyone knows of a Kaiser doctor, let me know. Thanks.
There was a Kaiser thread a few months ago. I don't know how long things hang around here...

Here's my Kaiser rec:
Dd sees Jean Nava, PNP at East Interstate. We more or less did the vax on schedule- though we haven't done chicken pox, and she is totally fine with that. Don't actually know what her stance is on no vax, but she is a really jolly person, so I can't see her arguing with you at all. She was fine with co-sleeping & extended nursing & nursing to sleep. When I asked about sleep advice around 9 months, she gave me some cry it out handouts and said, "here is what I have, but I couldn't do it with my kids, it was too hard. They learn to fall asleep on their own eventually anyway. So you get a little less sleep for another year or so..."
Thanks, Liz. I'll definitely check her out if we decide to switch. I'm new here, but I'll definitely look for the Kaiser thread.

Thanks again.
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