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Non-vaxing in West Virginia???

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A friend heard that vaxing in WV is 100% mandatory and she is moving there! What is the scoop???
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You only have to vax if you're sending your kids to public school and if she finds a great non-vaxing dr., let me know
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technically you're supposed to vax your children even if you homeschool, though very few if any homeschoolers actually do. Most people tell their docs that they are getting vaxed at the health dept instead or something. i know a woman who was actually prosecuted for not vaxing her homeschooled kids, and nearly got them taken away. it was a huge battle and it went on for a very long time and basically bankrupted the family. it was atrocious.

if you send your kids to school, there is no religious or philosophical exemption, so basically you have to vax unless you qualify for a medical exemption (which are thoroughly investigated and hard to get even if you need one for an actual medical reason).

so yeah, not the best vax situation here in WV. but it's quite a wonderful place to live otherwise!
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The mandatory vaccines for school are DTaP, Polio, MMR and Chickenpox. Doctors don't just give out that info, and will often make it seem like your child has to have all the other vaxes too!
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