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Non-vinyl bathmat!?

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Does anybody have any non-vinyl solutions for a slippery shower floor? I did buy a natural rubber bathmat at Ikea once, but it slowly disintegrated and left little bits of rubber all over the bathtub floor. While they are coming off, it is quite a bit of labor and oh, man I don't want to drive an hour just to get a bathmat! I also tried the stick on things (probably vinyl) but they didn't work all that great either. I am about to buy a vinyl bath mat at the grocery store! Any suggestions?
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This is what we use, although we have to hang it up overnight to drip-dry -

one of those coir (coconut fiber) rugs that they make for outside the kitchen door to wipe your feet on. i'm also guessing a wood mat would work too, especially cedar! and they're great in the shower for foot calluses - just rub feet on mat!

ours is like this :


we haven't had to replace it in two years
Oooohh, good idea. thanks! One question, though -- doesn't it get moldy/mildewy or does it dry farily quickly?
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