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Originally Posted by pb_and_j
I am in the very beginning stages of trying to plan a non violent parenting class by Ruth Beaglehole in south central CA (between Bakersfield and Edwards AFB). This is her website:

I recently heard her speak at a LLL conference and she was absolutely amazing! If anyone around this area is interested in this (if you live in the Bakersfield area or more south in the Antelope Valley) pm me for more info

Hi Julie! I was at the conference too! I didn't get to hear Ruth Beaglehole myself, but someone else I know was giving her high praise. I've barely begun to scratch the surface of NVC myself; have gone to one workshop (in Santa Barbara), have a rudimentary understanding of the concepts and techniques and philosophy. Have joined an nvc parenting group online, and an NVC announcements group for the LA area.

This was my first LLL conference. WOW
Not my last!!!!!
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