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Nope, not a pedi recommend - I need a doc in Central MA

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Anyone in Central MA have a primary that they would recommend?
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I guess you could say i reccomend my primary...I have only seen her once, for a physical, but she's pretty cool. Her name is Holly Mazur and she;s in Leominster.

I think the reason I like her is that I never go to the doctor because I treat myself holistically at home 99% of the time -- but she is not holistic at all and I think I find that reassuring. As in, if I am going to HER, my attempts at healing have already failed and I am ready for some serious meds. Hasn't happened yet, but I must say there is comfort in that for me.

I have needed her office to help me with a lot of insurance crap in trying to get my homebirth covered, and they have been supremely helpful. Not sure if it worked yet, but that's another thread.

I am sure others have some more guidance for you
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