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Normal AF, but maybe pregnant??

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Could this be possible? I'm still breastfeeding, so I have been having anovulatory cycles since I started AF back when ds was 6 months. I've been temping pretty religiously and was checking my cervix, also. This past month, though, I got really slack. I did not check my cervix at all and I went on a trip to Stockholm and did not temp the whole weekend I was there.

My temps have been really low (which I attribute to the BF and frequent night wakings since I co-sleep with ds). The night I got back from Stockholm, dh and I GIO
. Since I had been anovulatory, I just said screw it and didn't care if he finished inside of me. Well, the next day I temped and was up to 97.4! The day after I went up to 98.5 and then thereafter I was in the upper 97's. My temps have been in the mid to upper 96's normally. At 8 days after possible ovulation, AF came to visit so I thought that was that. But my temps have still been up! Its two days after AF is done and my temp has been 98.6 two days in a row. During AF my temp never dropped below 97.4 which is still high for me. AF was normal - light to heavy to medium to light to spotting.

So, what do you all think? Could I actually be pregnant? Has this happened to anyone else?

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You wouldn't be overreacting to take a pgcy test. Then you would hav eyour answer. Continued elevated temps after AF is not normal. Could be that that wasn't really AF you had a visit from...
take care
Thanks for the response, npfmom! Well, it looks like they were just a couple of fluky temps. By the third day post AF I was back down to the upper 96's again. Ah well... We're better off waiting for the Fall like we had first planned. But if it does happen sooner, we won't be unhappy with that!
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