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Ok, so I DO have a history of abnormal paps, have had colposcopies in the past, both times they came back "wait and see." I have had normal paps since I met my DH, for about 5 years now.

My midwife is in training to do speculoscopies (they put vinegar on the cervix to see if any spots turn white, which means abnormal cell changes) so she offered to do one for free, which I agreed to. she saw two areas of concern, and had me schedule a colpo.

Well the pap and HPV test came back normal/negative! But she still wants me to get the biopsy done (which SUCKSSSS btw). I am all for keeping up to date on my health, but i also don't want two chunks taken out of my cervix with no anesthesia for no reason either!

I she hadn't done the vinegar thing (which ISN'T routine) I would have been given the clear to come back in a year.

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