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normal progesterone levels?

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I went to the doctor (OB/GYN, of course) because I had concerns that I wasn't ovulating after a number of years on birth control pills. I wanted to get my hormone levels checked out; my doctor said that I'm fine b/c I'm menstruating regularly, but I insisted and so he agreed to take my progesterone level to determine whether or not I menstruated. I was taking my temps sporadically at that point but told him if I ovulated, it would have been a few days ago, looking at my temps.

He called me a few days later and said "yes, you definitely ovulated!" I was so excited, but I still wondered if it had been done the correct way- in other words, checking all my levels, not just progesterone, and at different times during my cycle since the levels vary depending on where I am in my cycle.

I was reading a book-Fertility & Conception Complete Guide to Getting Pregnant by Zita West. In it, she gave the specific numbers- the ranges- that hormones should fall in in order to be able to become- and sustain- pregnancy. It states that progesterone levels should be greater than 15 ng/ml. Out of curiosity (since I'm still not pregnant a month later), I just called my doctor's office to ask what my specific level was when it was checked- she said 7.59!!!!


Isn't that WAY too low, especially after ovulation?

I'm trying not to freak out, but it's difficult....Can my doctor really tell whether I ovulated just by checking my progesterone level? I haven't been going to him for a long time, so I'm certainly willing to go to someone I missing something here?
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Well, it depends on when exactly your blood was drawn. At 7dpo, your p should be between 15-20. If yours was taken earlier, it's possible that is why it was lower.

I would ask to retake the test at 7dpo exactly and that will give you better information.

I just had to respond as a very similiar thing just happened to me. I've had problems with spotting days before AF. Some mamas here (including PP Steph who was just awesome - hi there!
) gave me great advice and lots of info on getting my P level checked.

To make a long, frustrating story short, my doc told me on the phone that the P level was "normal" for 7 dpo (although I wasn't sure I even ovulated at all based on charting). When I asked the exact level, he said it was 2.5!!!

Rather than deal with this horrible doc (who I've had other problems with) I went to another OB/GYN who said I shouldn't waste any more time with my wacky cycles (it's been 8 cycles already) and she referred me to an RE. Hopefully when I see the RE in 2 weeks, I'll finally get some real help and answers.

So I definitely can relate to your frustration. Hang in there and make sure you educate yourself and push for the tests/timing/care you want and need. Unfortunately, I've learned that you can't trust someone else to advocate for you, you often have to do it for yourself.

Good luck for a BFP soon!
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This page has a list of normal levels for all the basic hormone tests, and the day they should take place on.

Progesterone is tricky. You have to take it 7 days after you ovulate, or think you have ouvlated. If you take it on CD 21, the test may not be valid because you may not have ovulated on cd 14. Make sense?

I would have the test done again and combine it with some Ovulation Predictor Kits...find out when your surge is, and if you are charting, when your temp jump is, and then you will have a really good idea when 7 dpo is.
Hi there,
I too I'm TTC#4 strugglingly (sp). I just said that I should tell you that
I love it here. Good job, I'm just lurking and learning new things to ask my Dr. You all doing great job MDC Mamas
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Thanks for all the responses, I'll check out that website that has the *normal* hormone levels listed...I went to the doctor specifically to figure out if I had ovulated or not that month, so I don't know exactly when it would have been.

I had not yet started doing OPKs, but this past month I started those (as a side note, I never got a positive OPK, but that's another story...I tested only once a day so I may have missed it, plus I couldn't *not* drink any fluids for 4 hours, so I may have diluted the samples by drinking water...seems counterproductive IMO to restrict fluid intake, when I have sticky/creamy- only cervical mucus, and one recurring piece of advice to improve cervical mucus is to increase water intake! Ah!!)

But, if you gals were in my shoes, would you go back to the same doctor? I had to insist to get even just the progesterone levels checked....his thinking is, my periods are regular, I'm doing fine. As a matter of fact, he says I shouldn't stress about it at all at this point; he advised me to do the OPKs...says to "give it time", I only came off BCPs last October. But IMO, if my hormones are out of whack, I can dance on my head all I want, I won't be able to sustain a pregnancy. He advised me to come back in 5-6 months if I'm still not pregnant.
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First off - how long have you been trying?

Secondly - it can take up to 18 months to get things back in whack after being on the Pill. Most women don't take that long, but some do. It sounds like you are having a regular period - so it sounds like you are getting back to normal.

Don't restrict water intake when doing the OPKs...just hold your pee for four hours.
the directions are confusing....just like everything when trying to get pregnant. (Just so you know, I am not talking out of my butt, I tried to get pregnant for 3+ years, and ended up doign IVF to get pregnant, so I have used all of this stuff, for extended periods of time.) I never restricted my water intake, just made sure I hadn't peed for four hours before taking the test. And I only tested once/day, usually right around lunch time or early afternoon. The hormone surge lasts for about 24 hours, so you wouldn't have missed it - but you may have been reading the tests wrong, or you may have gotten weird tests...OPKs and pegnancy tests are not somewhere to get bargain stuff.
The ffirst month I did them I had to have DH look at them to see if the line was as dark or darker than the control line...

If your periods are regular, I would do OPKs and charting and see if you are getting a temp shift and a positive OPK. I don't know how long you have been trying, but the average for getting pregnant, with great timing is about 4-5 months.

The pill is weird it can do some funky thinks to your body, but it sounds like you are getting back on track. Are you having EWCM? Normal periods? Temp shift with charting? If so, then yeah, give it a bit more time.

Bottom line - if you aren't happy with the doc - do somewhere else. Find someone who listens to you, and makes you comfy.

The chart of normal hormone levels is merely to give you more info, so when you go to the doc - you can be informed, know what you are talking about, and have a good idea what they are looking for.
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