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Normal speech in 2 1/2 year old boy?

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Hi, I hope you moms can give some insight. My dd, now 7, was very verbal and articulate at a young age. I have heard some boys don't start talking until three or so. He also was busy honing his climbing and other physical skills and just in recent months starting putting two words together. He'll be 3 in Sept. He still talks very choppy and only two words, three at most...for instance "Duck....lake!" (pointing to duck on our lake) "Daddys....truck!" (seeing dhs car) "Cereal...milk.." (requesting)...there is always a pause before the second word. He says some things we don't understand at all and he is frustrated by that and will repeat it over and over.
He is picking up more words daily, by leaps and bounds but still isn't talking in sentences.
I'm thinking this is okay.
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Oh, that sounds perfectly fine to me! And i do consider those to be 'sentences' even if they are not fully articulated the way an older child's would be. He is clearly able to convey exactly what he means, and that is just where he needs to be, in my not-professional opinion
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Yes, he sounds just fine. All kids are different. My first one spoke at what everyone considered a normal age, but all the rest were late talkers. My almost 2 1/2 year old really only says one word at a time, but his two brothers before him were very late talkers and now they are fine. I even had one of them tested (at MDO) and they wanted me to get the speech therapist inthe school district to work with him, but when I spoke with her, she said he really didn't need that much help. There are certain letters and sounds that they really can't make until a much later age. So, I don't think you have anything to worry about.
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We had some concerns with our son's speech, too. He actually has a large vocabulary, but a lot of it is not understandable. For instance, he can't say any words beginning with "F". So "frog" sounds like "sog", "phone" sounds like "thone", "friends" sounds like "dends", etc.

At his last doctor appointment, I asked the pediatrician what we should do about it. He advised us to wait until he is 3 years old. If no improvement, then we could get a referral for speech/play therapy. However, I know that I could get him in a program now if I really wanted to push it.

Hubby and I discussed it and we're going to just wait and see what happens. Like your son, David spends much more energy focusing on his physical skills and less on verbal skills. I think that is pretty normal for boys.
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