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You're going the wrong way, NC. You should be taking some away, not adding more.

North Carolina public school leaders have issued new vaccination requirements for school-aged children. Starting next school year, rising 7th graders will be required to get a TDAP vaccine. Historically, the TDAP vaccine has been required by law for kids entering 6th grade to protect from Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis. The new ruling will now require that vaccine for rising 7th graders, instead. Additionally, rising 7th graders will be required to get a meningococcal conjugate vaccine to protect against meningitis. If you have already received a TDAP vaccine, you will not be required to get another shot.
The state has also issued two new requirements for rising kindergartners. Kindergartners will need to receive a polio booster and a second dose of the varicella vaccine, which protects against chicken pox.
Angela Augustin is a single mother of two kids in Guilford County Schools. She has quite a few concerns about more required vaccines."We already have vaccinations and vaccines that we have to take just to get into school and now they are adding something more and so that's kind of difficult," said Augustin. "First, it puts a constraint on us financially. Secondly, it is really frustrating that we are having to be made to do this thing. Thirdly, it takes time out of work and we are having to do more money and the children are missing more school."
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