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We love this gate!

review by leach0976

We bought these gates when our son was walking, and could open up our old gates. These gates mounted to the walls easily, flip directions, can be taken off easily, and best of all, are not easy for toddlers to open! They are tall enough that they aren't easily climbed over, and the webbing is not easy for little feet to get a leg up on. These gates are very durable! They have been up and in use at our house for the last 7 years, and are still going strong. They wash easily, and are easy to open one handed once you get the hang of it. One con is that if you want to step over these gates you need to be very flexible, or have long legs. But, I could hold a sleeping baby and unlatch the gate and not have the baby wake up. Overall, very durable and an excellent gate to keep your child safe.

Fits wide openings and is complex enough our two year old couldn't open itMore difficult to open

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