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North Thurston elementary schools

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My head is totally spinning right now. I'll try to make this as simple as possible. I'm looking for a new elemetary school for my sons and this is what I'm trying to piece together:

1. Some very part-time before/after school childcare. I'm a college student and while my schedule changes from quarter to quarter, often I start or get out of class the same time as the elementary schools. If I could find someone who's on the busline for a school I could probably be there close to the time the bus came to pick them up/drop them off.

2. A school where they are inclusive, and/or take a proactive approach to anti-bullying. My 9yo has become a target where he's at (Meadows) by such a large group of kids, some he doesn't even know, so I'm at a point I think the best thing for him would be a new school.

3. Strong support for learning disablities. The newest piece of information making my head spin: my 7yo who's now at a private school is being assessed for learning disablities and the early indications are that he has some type of visual processing problem, (dislexia, something similar? I'm not sure, they're already using terms I don't understand) so his private school says his needs would be better met at a public school next year.

Any suggestions as to where to go from here on choosing a school, or finding a babysitter? Babysitter-wise I'd rather find an individual, because the time is such a small amount any daycare or larger facility is going to have 'mandatory minimums' that I'd have to FIND a job just to pay for childcare. (Y-kids is around $200-250 per child for around 12 hours a week or less, I'd need maybe 2.5hrs).
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Which of the colleges are you going to? I am not sure where North Thurston district is ( I have one son in public school and he is kindergarten so I have no clue about other then the West side of Olympia. My son goes to Garfield elementary and so far it has been pretty good. I may be in entirely in the wrong area for you but let me know. I may be able to watch him if you go to somewhere like Evergreen. I live pretty close to there.
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