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Northern CA mamas, need your help!

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We live in Northern Michigan, but are flying to Arcata, CA next Monday (one week from today...eeek) so my husband can interview with a company out there. There is a good chance we will be relocating to the Arcata area within the next few months.

We have no family and no friends in CA and have no idea what to do.

Are there any mamas on here from Northern CA? Would you mind writing to me and let me know what to expect/help me learn the lay of the land, so to speak? I'm doing all the research I can online, but would still like to hear from a real mama.

Thanks for your help. I'm scared because both my dh and I have never lived anywhere but the town we currenlty live in and all our family is here.

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Hi Brandy,

I was hoping to help, but I'm not anywhere near there. Northern California is also San Francisco bay area, so it covers a huge amount of space. I think you would be about 4/5 hours or so drive from San Francisco - way northern California! What I can tell you is that it is really beautiful. I've spent some time in Redway/Garberville near there as I have an aunt and some cousins there. It is a very nice, easy life for them. I also recall someone in that area posting on here, so hopefully they will see your post! I think it definitely has a pretty country living vibe all through that area. It is a big change to go anywhere, especially if you have always lived in the same place. If your dh has the type of job where he could always go back if you guys don't like it, I think it would be an amazing opportunity. California is a beautiful place to live, and I think that area is great for children, my son really is in his element when we go up there, and loves every bit of it. We moved to California 2 years ago, and we slowly have developed a great life here. It took the first year of love/hate relationship, but this Christmas we had the chance to go back east, and I couldn't do it. The quality of life has been so good for us here, that even though I want to be with family, I am not done here yet, maybe a few more years
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i grew up there
although i haven't been back except once in the last 6 years, most of my family is still there.
arcata is a crunchy paradise. you can't smoke cigarettes in public, there are topless women dancing in the town square, and the whole place reeks of patchouli oil. it is a college town. i lived in eureka also, which is 10 minutes away. it is not such a "hippie place". it is a cute victorian city. mckinleyville, which is just north is nice too. very suburban. there are great parks, national parks, and the beaches are GORGEOUS. arcata has a lot of community events going on too. IM me if you have any specific ?s.
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Consider yourself lucky. We were in Arcata last summer and fell in love with the area. There is so much nature to explore. The town is great with its town center, the univeristy, little shops, a great coop, an awesome park, the ocean, the redwoods and to top it all off one of the most affordable real estate markets in California (CA standards of course, Im sure Michigan is cheaper).

Personally, it could be the perfect place to raise a family.

We are renting a home this summer and spending some more time there. We just cant get enough of it.

Have fun when you visit!
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Hi there Brandy,

I am very familiar with Humboldt Co. I was raised in Eureka, but the two are so close it's like driving across town. I went to the University (Humboldt State), met my partner
, and we moved to the Bay area for awhile. We moved back this last summer when we found out we were expecting #2 because it is such a wonderful place for a family.

I'm sure it will be a culture/weather shock in many ways, but from looking at your signature, you will find more than an abundance of like minded, friendly and very community oriented folks. You shouldn't have a problem meeting great people (it's small).

If you wish, I would be happy to discuss the resources of the area (play groups, peds respectful of you're parenting choices, great pre-natal groups, places to go, nature) so many I won't bore you unless you want to know
I wish your family the best of luck
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did yoou end up moving out here? i moved out here almost 3 yrs ago from mi, livonia (w of detroit).

i would love to chat about the area if you still need to. pm me if you want
We would move to Arcata in a heartbeat if one of us were offered a decent job - and we live in a town we love! Unfortunately, lack of jobs seems to be the main problem with the area
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Dh is thinking of pursuing his Masters of Biology at Humboldt University. I am begging
: him to do this. It would be great to raise our family there and be near the ocean and the trees and everything!

Anyone have any word on jobs/houses? We are renting now, but wonder if it would be better to rent or buy out there. Looked a little on Craigslist for rentals, but gotta go read some Yarn Harlot and get some shuteye.

I am so excited. I really really want to live in Northern CA! I want my son to experience that life can be better than dull MI, not that he notices, he is so happy all the time!

Okay, bedtime
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I lived in Arcata as a child and loved it. I miss it and would definitely consider moving back there in the future. As others have said, it's absolutely gorgeous, and I'm sure you'll meet lots of AP-type people.
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come to humboldt!!!
we love hippy moms and cute babies!
housing is a little expensive, but it depends on what youre used to, there are alot of students around so renting can be expensive, lots of 'rooms' for rent and house sharing. we would love to buy some land, thats the way to go.

heres links to some of out local look for jobs/housing: ..................local radio without the rules

hope this helps
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