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Northwest Indiana, anybody? Jasper county?

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We just moved here, and I can't find a good healthfood store anywhere.

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Hi, I live in Hebron and last year bought 1/8th of a cow and they are grain fed, hormone free from what I understand PM me and I'll see if I can help you and I'll also get #'s and verify that info.

We go to Merrillville for a health food store or Valparaiso, the produce and such isn't all that great though, but vitamins, herbs, homeopathy stuff and good info. Meijer has nice section of fresh stuff and pasta and more spread out throughout the store and is more reasonably priced. Thats where we go, it's in Merrillville.
I tried to PM you for the info on the hormone free cow.

Your information about Miejer was very helpful. I'm not at all familiar with Meijer, never heard of one before. But it turns out there's one in Lafayette, about 45 minutes south of us, and since DH has to go there twice a week for therapy appointments, we can combine the trips. We went there last night, and found several organic produce items.

I've also been able to find a co-op where I can buy organic bulk grains and things.

Moving is such an involved process!

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