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Norwalk, CT Area?

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Hey mamas! DH and I are finally ready to leave the big bad city and head out to the burbs, YEAH!! Can't wait to have a yard again
I will probably quit my PT job in the city when we move but DH will be drive-commuting
My SIL's sister lives in Bridgeport and she recommended Norwalk as a nice place...anyone from near there to give me the scoop...schools, parks etc... DS is 6 mo so I know we don't have to worry about schools just yet, but we'd really like to find somewhere to settle down for good!! Also, any towns near Norwalk with a similar or shorter commute to NYC w/o being insanely expensive...

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What a big step - leaving Brooklyn for the 'burbs!

We used to live in Norwalk but moved away two years ago when DH was accepted to a grad program. We lived in Philly before moving to Norwalk and the biggest adjustment to Norwalk for me was driving to get almost anywhere.

When we lived there, Norwalk and Stamford were the least expensive cities/towns within the area I'd consider commutable to NYC. (I would personally live no farther east than Westport). DH commuted into Manhattan via Metro North. I would highly recommend looking into commuting by train if your DH doesn't need a car at work. The traffic traveling out of NY into CT in the evening bottlenecks in Stamford then again around exit 14 in Norwalk. On the downside, if you consider the train as an option, look into the length of the list for parking permits for the train stations - they told DH he might have to wait for over a year! Perhaps this has improved.

Most of the houses in the surrounding towns are priced much higher than in Norwalk, however the schools in those nearby towns (Wilton, Westport, New Canaan) are regarded as excellent. My SIL lived with us for a year and attended Norwalk High for her "senior year" of HS (She had graduated HS in Venezuela and came to learn English by living with us/going to HS). From my limited exposure to the school, I thought it was ok, but not outstanding. A friend's children attends public school in Stamford and from talking with her and a former coworker who volunteered in Stamford PS as a mentor, I think some of Stamford's schools are very good while others are considered so-so. Another friend of mine was very pleased with the Montessori school her 2 kids attended near the Norwalk/Wilton line. I didn't look into schools when we moved to Norwalk because I knew we'd be there short-term and DS was just turning 2 when we moved there.

DS loved to play at Calf Pasture beach. There's a "sunken ship" play structure there and let's not forget water, sand and rocks :). Cranbury Park has some nice trails to walk and is very dog-friendly. If you venture out onto 95, Sherwood Island State Park is not too far away either.

Good luck in your search for a 'burb!

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Thanks for all the great info Marsh!!! Unfortunately, DH pretty much works out of his van, so car-commuting is a must for him
Hopefully, he can adjust his schedule enough to miss the worst of the rush hours!

I grew up in the burbs and can't wait to get back...oh how I long for green grass and fresh air
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Hi! I live in Norwalk now. We love it here. There are so many things to do, moms/family groups, LLL everywhere, many parks, museums, an interactive Children's museum, lots of restaurants of all types, every store imaginable, malls in close distance. However, the school system is rated fairly low. It's a big city and minorities tend to be left behind. If you are into test scores, there aren't good. Some elementary schools are better than others. What I keep hearing is if you keep on top of the school, your child will do fine. I don't knwo how I feel about that, but we are working on that decision. Of course there are all sorts of private schools, magnet and charter school and a fairly big homeschooling group.

If you have any more questions, feel free to eiter ask here or PM me. Good luck!
Keri...thanks for the info!! I'll come lookin' for ya when we move
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I'm in Norwalk too...I grew up here and short of moving to the caribbean, I think I'm gonna stay here. It's got alot to offer...except as PP said, schools are eh...We are thinking of HSing though.
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