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Not a good night, feeling horrible.

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My bp is sky high and I'm scared to death to have a preemie.

I'm 32w4d and I hit 158/109 tonight.

I am going to the ob tomorrow at 9:15. I just don't know how much longer we can play russian roulette.... there comes a point when it's just safer for her to be on the outside than inside my dysfunctional body.

I'm laying down.... and I can keep it semi-controlled but as soon as I sit up it shoots through the roof.

I am really scared (not stressed, just scared) over the thought of a <34 weeker. I had prepared myself mentally for 34 weeks or 35 weeks.... but not this early. I'm not ready, she's not ready.

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So sorry things aren't going smoothly for you. I think it's totally understandable that you're scared
. Keep lying down and focus on your breath. Maybe take some time to talk to your baby and let her know what's going on and that you both need to prepare for things to shift sooner than expected.

I'm sure there are lots of women here who can give you helpful advice for preparing for a premie.

Sending you lots of support and low BP vibes
Let us know how your OB apt. goes!

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I am so sorry you have to go through this..You can only do so much and then it is out of your hands....I'm sending good vibes your way.
I'm so so sorry for your worries...
if it helps at all, my good friend had pre-e and gave birth by emergency c/s at 33 weeks to a beautiful, healthy, bouncing baby boy... he stayed in the nic-u one night, was transferred to observation, and went home with her later that week, weighing over 5 lbs. He nursed immediately. I think they may have given him oxygen to "pink him up" for that first night, but that was it, and she has never had to adjust his age to track his development. He came 3 weeks before his scheduled c/s... Mom's BP went up pretty quickly so there was no time for her to get steroids... he did it all on his own!
God Bless. I hope you have many more days to rest and stay healthy and grow your baby right where she is, but if she needs to come sooner, I'm wishing you a "pre-term" baby, not a "premature" baby
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i recently did doula work for a woman who was due the same time i am... but she went into pre-e at week 25. she was on bedrest for two more weeks, and in the hospital for the last week. during the last week, i came and helped as much as i could.

the thing that really did an amazing job on lowering her bp was massage! she just responded so beautifully to gentle rubbing all over. i don't know exactly what it did, but i'm telling you now so that if you have a friend or spouse who can try it on you, go for it!

now, you know you have a great chance at a healthy, viable (if premature) baby... every day you can keep things together is helping. hang in there...

we'll be sending you peaceful and gentle healing thoughts...

Thanks for the thoughts guys.

I feel a lot better this morning, bp is 110/60 laying down (what I'm doing right now) or 140/90 sitting up.

I'm off to the ob in an hour.

There's a period when pre-e develops where your bp gets really fluctuating, up/down/up/down and then it goes up and stays up. Hopefully I can stay in up/down mode a bit longer and keep her in and cooking.

Hey I'm praying for you. Call me if you need anything.

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