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Not able to VBAC if you have GD?

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I'm not currently pregnant by my husband & I plan to after our son turns 1 in June. I met with an OB today to discuss pregnancy #2. He said that he does not VBAC patients with Gestational diatetes. I had GD during the pregnancy with my son.

I'm feeling a little disappointed. I'm not pregnant yet so I have time to change my eating habits & possibly avoid GD. I don't know. I was feeling hopefull before th appt & now I'm scrambling for a new plan.

Any insight into VBAC with GD? Thanks.
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he's an idiot. there is no EVIDENCE to support not allowing VBAC just b/c of GD. please get in touch wtih ICAN for support to help you. There are lots of women with GD that successfully VBAC.
First of all, you may not get GD during your next pregnancy. My friend had it the first time and not her second. Second, it seems like a lot of the medical community looks for any way to get out of VBACing. I'm confident you'll find someone who is supportive of your decision when and if you get GD the next time around. Good luck
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There are probably OBs out there who won't VBAC someone with green hair. Or someone who owns a pet fish. Or drives a Prius.

It irks me.
: *mutter stomp foot fuss*
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I had GD with one of my VBACs and the test for the other one was borderline. That doctor is either way misinformed or full of it.
I had a VBAC with insulin-dependent GD!!! Two weeks before having my daughter I had made the appointment and everything to schedule the c-section after being scared out of the VBAC by my endocrinologist and other specialists who were telling me she was going to be a HUGE baby. My midwife told me that she would support my decision, but she wanted to make sure I was making it based on fact (that they really have no idea how big the baby is), not fear. The day before the appointment, I changed my mind and cancelled it! It was the best "following of my intuition" decision I ever made in my life!!! I LOVED my VBAC!
We didn't have any GD complications and my little girl was only 7lbs. 2oz. Do your best to avoid GD and especially insulin if you have it, but more importantly - find a more knowledgable and supportive provider if you can!
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I had insulin-dependent GD and VBAC'ed. The concerns they had were about the baby getting too big or developing a complication at the end. From what my endocrinologist said--the placenta may age faster.

However, keeping GD under control means you're no different than any other pregnant woman, maybe even healthier. I think it's important to keep GD under control no matter what anyway (some on these boards disagree).

Sounds like you might want to look for another provider. Midwives have better VBAC rates.
The only issue with using a midwife is that many are required to risk you out if you require insulin. It certainly shouldn't discourage you from using one but you should be aware of the possibility.

However, I know of several women who VBACed with GD. It does seem that uncontrolled GD is an issue, and that postdates may become more of an issue. But GD per se is not an insurmountable obstacle.
sounds like that doc does not truly *do* really good way to play lipservice to being a nice guy but really not, is to say you do all sorts of things..unless...and then..ooopss..turns out he never REALLY does any vbacs, because the mom has gd...or high blood pressure, or green hair or black shoes, or has an "a" in her name..etc...
RUN from that doc.
heres an article you might be interested in

the end quote "Physicians should counsel women with gestational diabetes that they have a slightly higher risk of VBAC failing but that "the overall success rate is still favorable," Dr. Marchiano said."

(bolding mine)

and the american journal of obstetrics and gynocology published an article in volume 190, issue 3 entitles " diet controlled gestational diabetes does not influence the success rates for vaginal birth after cesarean delivery"

i don't have full text access so i can't quote from it but the title would seem to sugges that not all obs consider gd to be a risk-out factor for vbac

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Also check out the GD prevention tips on this site. The site in general is a great resource for women of all sizes and really covers the GD debate as well as general vbac and birth concerns.
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