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Thanks for pointing us to this article. I really enjoyed it, especially his down-to-earth style. I did want to enlighten him about "watching his language" so here is the letter I sent him. I hope he got that I really did like the article. What do you think?

Dear Mr. Jamieson,

I wanted to thank you for your column of June 10 ("Nothing shameful about breast intentions"). It is refreshing to hear such a reasonable perspective coming from the media, especially from a man. Unfortunately, the public needs this message reinforced from all directions, because despite the fact that the USA is supposed to be one of the most civilized countries in the world, too many Americans have a negative attitude towards breastfeeding. I know I am not alone in applauding you.

I hope you won't mind if I point out one thing. You stated, "Breast-fed children tend to be healthier than kids who are not. They are less prone to some cancers and experience stronger immune systems. " Actually, since breastfeeding is what nature intended, the health benefits of receiving breastmilk are the norm from which to measure. In other words, breast-fed children aren't healthier; formula-fed children are sicker, more likely to be obese, more prone to cancer, etc. For a fuller discussion of this, please see this article:

One last thing: the AAP recommends breast-feeding exclusively for the first 6 months, and then for AT LEAST another 6 months (not just several more). In fact, they state that there are no harmful effects from nursing into the 3rd year and beyond. And extended breastfeeding, as it is called, goes a long way towards reinforcing that mother-child bond you mentioned.

Thanks again for writing such a powerful essay. I hope it is distributed widely, and that many people are exposed to your point of view.


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Originally Posted by Victorian
ot - my4girls: its seems that your name might have been shortsighted

:LOL She is going to need to change that one. Course I will too if I ever plan on having more.
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