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Not crawling

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Hello! I'm trying to establish if I am slightly concerned or merely (unreasonably!) impatient.

DS, 8 mo, is close to crawling but not doing it yet. He's been up on hands and knees for well over a month now, and he can easily pivot in a circle on his the knees are moving forward, sometimes together, sometimes one at a time, but the little arms are still not budging. I know many babies don't crawl at all--Dr. Sears' kids among them!--but is it odd for him to be so very close and not putting it all together (yet)?

We haven't had to wait on any of his other "milestones," so this is a new experience for us, and him. Is it true that when they crawl is really just a measure of how much babies like/liked tummy time? Am I acting like one of those pushy and competitive aggro moms? Please advise! Thanks.
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AFAIK crawling isn't even considered a developmental milestone as there's such wide variation. At any rate DS showed no signs of crawling until about 9 mos, when he started rocking on hands and knees, and crawling about a week later...less than a week later he was pulling up on things and is quite the cruiser now at 10 mos. So NO--don't sweat it.
I totally agree. Dd did a lot of the things your ds is doing for quite a while before she actually put it together. She didn't figure it out until she was almost 10 months and started pulling up and cruising within a week of starting to crawl. Don't worry.
my ds is doing the same thing your dc is and he's 11mo, so i wouldn't worry! my ds is deciding he likes to stand and balance on things better than trying to crawl looks like a half army crawl half jumping :-0
We have a friend from playgroup who's son would get up on his hands and knees and then nothing. He could move on his belly, but couldn't figure out crawling. He finally figured it out after learning to walk! I think he was 11 months or so and decided that crawling really was good so he could go get his ball from underneath the kitchen table. Now at 14 months, he walks, crawls and runs!
Agree with the others, your baby sounds just fine. My first was army crawling at about 6 months. But he didn't crawl until about 11 months- AFTER he had started walking. Today, he's a super active and healthy 6 yo
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My now 3 1/2 year old never quite put all the crawling elements together, but then she got up and started walking at 10 months. She just skipped crawling all together, and she is certainly healthy and active now
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My ds is just where your ds is....well until two days ago. We let him hang out after a bath on the bed. He was on hands and knees and dh helped ds move his knees while ds moved his hands forward and then, tada, he crawled across the bed on his own. We put him in a disposable later and he kept at it, although pretty slowly. Well today no crawling. He seems farily content to slide around the floor (wood floors) and to scoot backwards. I don't think his cd's are a problem because he crawled a little last night with a cloth diaper. I think now it's a matter of if he feels motivated to try. We're trying to keep him at it by enticing him with phones, remote controls, etc.... Don't worry they all get there when they're good and ready, in my opinion.
My DD didn't start crawling until 9.5 months..Not to worry it will come...Savor the time not spent chasing your DC
...That's my whole day, chasing her once she got going... Once they get going they don't stop!!!!
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No worries! You're not alone!

My 8.5 mo. dd is just now showing a desire to crawl and is experimenting w/ balance and rocking. Although I'm in no hurry for her to crawl, I think it will be fun to see her express her desires more as she can get to where SHE wants to go.

I watch an 11 month old that doesn't crawl. She sits up and plays just fine. She's totally good.
Normal...there's a wide variation...............
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