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Not DDC stuff but nice news for me to hear so close

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My friend (ex-best friend) who had a D&C on Christmas Eve called to let me know that she is cautiously expecting DC2 on Dec. 26th. I am very happy for her and her DH.
: It was hard for me when she lost her last one bc of the timing (other things were going on too) and this is a friendship is in repair (best word I could think of right now) mode and so this would be something we have in common to talk about. Thanks for letting me share, LM
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very exciting news!!
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Aww, what great news for your friend! She must have just found out if her edd is December 26th!
Yes, she tested last night she said and got 2 -'s (she is a poas addict so she tests early and often) then took 1 to work and did one there and shockingly got a +. Their DS1 took almost 2 yrs to make. After reading TCOYF upon my recommendation she was preggo after 5 months before she lost that LO and then they started back in Jan. trying again so only a few more months more it took.
Congrats to your friend!! So she will be giving birth around the anniversary of her loss. That must be bittersweet for her.
Wow! Great news for your friend! I hope it does bring you closer together. I'm praying for the same kind of news for my best friend. She also m/c'd several months ago and it's been rough for our friendship, especially since I haven't gone through it and wasn't able to identify as much as she needed.

Prayers for your friend and hopes for a sticky baby. ;-)
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