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What would you do with Organic Brown Basmati Rice that has BUGS?

  • Oh, GROSS, I would throw it out. I would rather eat unorganic!

    Votes: 47 64.4%
  • I know it seems gross, but I would rinse and cook.

    Votes: 14 19.2%
  • It wouldn't bother me at all, and I would rinse, cook, and eat it up!

    Votes: 9 12.3%
  • Why rinse? Just extra protein!!

    Votes: 3 4.1%

Not for the Squemish

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OK. Seriously.

A friend just gave me a 10 kg bag of Organic Brown Basmati rice. She just bought it on Thursday and gave it to me on Friday. SOOO, I open it today and it has bugs.
Now here's what I am thinking. Even as recently as 50 years ago, I seriously doubt that people routinely had bug-free sanitized food in packages in their homes. And really we all *know* that canned and packaged foods aren't clean, right? AND rice can be (should be, I always do) rinsed before cooked. But my first inclination is to get rid of it. I *could* perhaps return it to the store but the store is 2 hours away and I don't know when I would get there. And probably the other rice at the store is the same. So then I would just have to go back to the old unorganic rice (yuck).

I think I have just been spoiled and sensitized by our marshmallow-cream society. What do you all think?
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I think that it would probably be fine rinsed super well and then cooked- but I wouldn't be able to eat it knowing it had bugs all over it- I voted throw it out!

Once as a child I poured some cereal that had been hiding in the cubbord for a while and took a bite and then saw it had bugs in it. I ran outside and spit and spit and spit and BLECK I still check my cereal super closely for bugs now and then.
I believe the ag extensions official stance is that it can be picked through and used. Personally, it freaks me out. You know, if peak oil comes and goes and we're reduced to a subsistance livlihood and rice becomes a significantly valuable commodity for us, well, I'll probably do that. Right now, when I buy two or three pounds of rice at a shot at a buck something for organic... I can afford to toss it on the occasion I find buggies. Eeeewwwwwwww.
You've seen those bumper stickers, right? Well, I've been known to say that to my dh when he was dissing organic. Wouldn't you know I was digging in to some organic trail mix and came across some striped beetles. I had already been eating the stuff. I freaked and tied the bag so tight and put it in the garbage. My dh was sure to point out the ironic aspect of my behavior. Here a bug was eating it and then I refused, wasn't my mantra "if a bug won't eat it why should I?" He had a point, but it really was going slightly stale!
I figured I'm in the small minority here that would just cook it and not think twice. DH saw one time that I did, in fact, use buggy rice and he wouldn't eat it so I ended up promising I'd never feed it to him. That came into play two years later when my mom was here. She was saying "Oh, use it, he'll never know!" I couldn;g break a promise though.

On the to[ic of bugs, my uncle was in the Special Forces and when he'd get off the plane in a remote village, instead of Starbucks and hot dog carts, there'd be vendors with all kinds of bugs. He said the stuffed and fried beetles were best.
Sorry! It would really gross me out to eat that! Maybe my mouth wouldn't know the difference, but my brain sure would! I don't think I could convince myself to eat it knowing there were bugs in it, and I would feel badly feeding that to my family. They are depending on me to fix them really good food, and don't really question me; if they ever found out about it, I think they'd question me for a long time after!
So there's no question as to safety? Like, it couldn't make you sick? Well, then, I'd just rinse it and cook it.
We've had bugs in rice before. If dh hadn't been all for rinsing it and cooking with it, then I would have definitely thrown it out. But, IIRC, I just rinsed it, strained it, and cooked it. Now, if it were something like cereal that I wouldn't be cooking, then I'd throw it out. But since it was cooked, it was okay with me. Then again, I've also eaten live crickets, ants, and worms "just for fun." (Sorry to any that are offended by that.)
Rinse, cook, and eat it up!!! Maybe that answer has something to do with living here and everything has bugs. And I can't get organic basmati rice, so if someone gave me some, there's no way I'd toss it. =)
actually if you rinse your rice you loose valuable nutrients.

I might do something with it for animals. Maybe find out if I could put it out as bird food or something.

I'd also call the company and see what I could do about getting my money back.
Well, guilt plays into it for me too though. I mean I think of all the people starving and here I am squemishly wanting to throw away something because of a bug. OK, a lot of bugs. But they are big enough and black enough that they are easy to identify and make sure all are removed.

As far as losing valuable nutrients, I haven't ever heard that before. I would love some more information, sources, etc. Everything I have ever read says RINSE, RINSE, RINSE rice because it is a grain and needs to be at least rinsed of dust.

But I did end up rinsing and cooking. I just can't bear the thought of throwing it away and then knowing about those that would probably see it as a lifesaving thing, ya know? I did put the rest of it in the fridge though so that will kill the bugs and keep them from multiplying. Theoretically.
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They probably pooped all over the rice, even if you picked them out.

We live pretty frugally here, but I would toss it.
The bug are eating the same thing you are. Rice

How many bugs?

I personally would give it to my chickens as that way it wouldnt go to waste.
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I would toss it. I know all about the nasty stuff in my food but as long as I don't see it I can ignore it. Having the visual of all those bugs in my food, well, ewww. I can't do it. This is one of many reasons why you will not find me on fear factor.
i dont know it would prob be fine. but i just DONT DO BUGS.
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Originally Posted by kewb
I would toss it. I know all about the nasty stuff in my food but as long as I don't see it I can ignore it. Having the visual of all those bugs in my food, well, ewww. I can't do it. This is one of many reasons why you will not find me on fear factor.
im the same way
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I don't think that I could eat it. Instead, I'd probably call the company and they'd most likely send me a coupon I could use at my convenience. Then I'd consider putting the rice in a sensory table/dishpan, give the kids some measuring cups and a funnel and just let 'em play!
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