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Not gaining weight?????

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So I should preface this by saying I was overweight when I conceived, a good 20-25 lbs. I did some research the first trimester because prior to conception I had been losing weight due to healthy diet and exercise and wanted to know what to expect. So based on my BMI I should gain 20-25 pounds during preganacy.

So here is the problem, my MW was fine with no gain in the first trimester, but here we are week 23 (I see her again on thursday) and I have only gained 4 pounds. I am sure we are going to have a *chat* when I see her in a few days!

I also had to do a food diary and so I know I'm getting enough calories a day (2,500-3,000) and I'm drinking 3 liters of water - that's not it.

Has anyone else just not gained weight? Trust me I have a sizable tummy at this point, but the scale just doesn't seem to agree!
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I am in week 22 & have only gained 5 lbs. My midwife is ok with that since she only wants me to gain 20. I am not very much overweight, but she would like to try & keep the baby on the small side to avoid a repeat c/s. Again, I look very pregnant even though I haven't gained so much which makes me feel that all the weight I have gained is going to the right place since most of the extra weight gain just goes towards the mother's fat stores & I don't need any more of those. I don't think a 4 lb gain is something to worry about. Have you had a 20 week ultrasound? I had mine & the baby was right at the size he should be in his development so that made me feel better. Maybe if you haven't had one, you would want to talk with your midwife about having one just to check that the baby is growing at the right pace. It's more the quality of the weight that you gain rather than the quantity I think. Hope that helps.
Sometimes you just don't gain much. I gained maybe 12 lbs. in my first pregnancy--I was lighter after having DS than before I concieved! And I still haven't gained much. DS was a healthy, average sized baby, and everything indicates that this baby will be as well. People just metabolize food differently, especially during something like pregnancy. As long as you've been eating well and aren't actively trying to lose weight, then I would suggest getting an US if the midwife is worried, and leaving it at that.
I'm 200+ lbs and with DS ended up a whopping 4 lbs over pre-preg weight. In my case I lost 15-20 lbs from m/s early in the first tri.

This time around the m/s wasn't as bad, but I still lost 12#. At this point I've gained back 4. I'm not terribly hungry and don't eat very much at meals, since the snow and ice are starting to disappear around here I think I'll be moving around (er, exercising) more as well.

I wouldn't be surprised (and hope) for a similar weight scenario to my first pregnancy.

I definitely have a good 24 week belly, measuring right on, but my waist and hips feel thinner. BTW Noah was a very lovely and healthy 7lb 13oz.

As far as supposed weight gain
one of the most meaningless measurements in pregnancy (uh, unless your diet has changed completely to Krispy Kremes and Dr. Pepper)
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I wouldn't worry about it. I had the same experience in my first pregnancy - I lost a lot of weight at first, not because of morning sickness but because of lifestyle changes (like giving up two glasses of wine each evening). By the time I delivered I had almost regained my prepregnancy weight, but I was still a little lighter than when I started. As long as your baby is growing and you're eating well - and it sounds like you are
I would trust your body to gain what it needs, and not worry too much about what's "normal".
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i lost 12 w/the morning sickness and have only gained back 3 so far (well, i go to the dr tomorrow so who knows but i'm not that big so...)...but i was overweight to begin w/so the dr hasn't been concerned so far...
You will gain what you need for the baby
I have gotten a LOT of disapproving looks/comments because i've *already* gained 35lbs. but I know the truth...i started out underweight a lot and I cannot KEEP weight. I lost 70lbs by the time my son was 4 mos old.

I don't really see a problem with your weight gain at all. some women don't gain.
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I h ave the same issue. I really worried about it a lot with Emma. I lost 13 pounds in the beginning with her. I t hink sue to MS and lack of appetite. I ended up 17 pounds over my pre-gpreg weight. She was 7,2 at birth. This time I didn't have the MS, but I have had serious loss of appetite. I lost 18 pounds and have not gained much back at all. I think I'm still 11 pounds under prepreg weight. I was worried about, but at our sono at 21 w6d, Mattie measured 21w6d. You can't get better than that. I think I eat healthier foods too when I'm pregnant and I don't overeat as much because it is unbearable when I'm pregnant. I started off this time at 216 pounds. So I'm a pretty goood bit overweight like 60 pounds or so.
I've gained about 6lbs (26 weeks) and I was not overweight to begin with. This is a lot less than my other pregnancies, but I can assure you I'm growing
and energetic and eating, so my midwife and I aren't worried.

I did lose about 8-10 in the first trimester, so if you count what I've gained *back* since the lowest point, it's been more like 15lbs.
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just popping back in to add that i lost 2 more pounds but i didn't get in trouble. she said baby sounds great, everything looks fine, keep eating and i must just have the metabolism i've always wanted
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