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NOT going to find out!

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So I'm kind of excited and I just wanted to share. My DH and I were going back and forth about finding out what this little one is at the 18-20 week ultrasound. We found out with DD and were thrilled, I really wanted to know. But for this one neither of us have felt like we really needed/wanted to know! I'm really excited.

My mom was super awesome, she was like, well, we'll just have your shower afterward! And I was excited bc I didn't even think they would do one for #2! So that's perfect! I think the in-laws won't like it bc they won't understand but oh well!

I'm just so excited about not knowing until we see the goods in person! Heehee.
Keeping fingers crossed that the tech won't tell us!!

*not that finding out is wrong or anything, I just want to be surprised with this one.
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Glad you guys made a decision! I have gone back and forth on this one too. I will of course be happy with whatever, but it would be way easier in so many way if it is a boy. I just want to know ahead of time so I dont pop out a girl and then start stressing that we dont have girl clothes and (this is real long term) someday they wont be able to share a room. That is how I am. a total worrywort even if it is a LONG way off. So, I decided to just find out. I am jealous of people who dont find out though, because I wish I could do it! I am happy for you!!
We found out with our first and aren't with this one.
We didn't find out with the first two but I really want to for this one. My oldest keeps calling the baby Sophie Sunshine and I think it would be good for them to know. I have no boys names that I'd like and if I knew it was going to be a boy I could spend some time actually coming up with one.

Dh does not want to know. He loves the surprise of finding out at the end and I don't really want to take that from him. I couldn't keep it a secret.

So we'll see what happens.
I don't plan to find out either. I did with my first 2 although with my 2nd I only did because DH wanted to. With my 3rd he found out and I didn't (well I sort of did. The tech slipped, but my dh covered her tracks really well.) This time I don't know if he is going to find out or not. If he wants to I'm cool with that, because he did a terrific job of keeping it to himself with #3. I think it made him feel special because aside from the tech and whoever looked at my file, he was the only one who knew.
We aren't finding out either! I'm not sure I'll even have an u/s to be able to tell, but if I do, then I'll make sure they know not to show me anything down there-as I've had enough and looked at enough pics online from when I was pg before to tell! They better put a big red DO NOT DETERMINE SEX on my u/s papers if the time comes!
I did not find out with my first one and we don't plan to find out with this one either. It is a nice surprise to wait.
We're not finding out either. We did with the first two, but not with our last. Ironically, I knew, KNEW I was carrying another little girl. And she was.

Funny how things go...
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I'm pretty positive we're not figuring out. With our midwives, ultrasound is optional, anyway... but I am pretty sure we're going to want a peek in there before this thing is over with
. But I don't think we'll find out the gender. The ONLY problem I have with this is that I keep checking Craigslist for cheap baby clothes and of course everything is grouped together for either boys or girls. Other than that it's just exciting... I think getting to find out if we have a daughter or son will make the birth THAT much more exciting!
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I've done it both ways and decided to find out this time. It was kind of anti-climactic to find out at the birth, IMO. Checking the genitals was a total afterthought to the whole baby thing. Also, I've had two boys and have my heart set on a girl so I don't want to be disappointed at the birth. I did like driving our families and friends crazy not knowing, though!
we didn't found out with our second either... it was SOOO fun! i loved the surprise!! we're finding out with this one, mostly because i have to have a us at 19 weeks to check on a bleed, but also because the surprise of the last one was untoppable, imo.
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We didn't find out with my first two and are not going to find out with this one.
We'll wait until August.
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My mother-in-law says, "It is a surprise whenever you find out. One surprise just makes you wait longer than the other one." I think that is her way of trying to convince us to find out!
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We're finding out, mostly to pacify my insane need to plan out everything I can.

Our families are dying to know as well, but they all already think it's a boy.
We didn't find out the first time and we won't this time either.
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