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Not Interested in Food

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DS is a couple weeks shy of 12 months and still shows no interest in solids. When I offer them, he purses his lips and turns his head, or ignores the fact that there's food on his face. He just ain't interested. So this weekend my mother was telling me about this toddler their neighbor has. The child is about 2 years old and will eat nothing unless it comes from a bottle. They've even tried ice cream. This child is in his second foster home and his father is a convicted sex offender. I think that situation is a bit different than ours. DS is just a very happy, healthy baby who needs nothing but breastmilk at this point in his life.

Anyone with a similar experience or more knowledge about this than I have? One thing I will not do is force my child to eat. I struggled with my weight for years, and once I learned to eat when I was hungry and stop eating when I was satisfied, the weight came off and stayed off effortlessly (no diets or grand exercise routine). So like I said, forcing my child to eat solids is NOT an option as far as I'm concerned.

Do I need to be concerned that ds is showing no interest in solids yet?
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Ds is 13 months and we're going through this same thing! Other than mil's brilliant idea that we "just don't nurse him for a day or two and he'll get hungry enough" I really don't have any advice. (And NO we won't be doing that MORONIC) I've given him watermelon, corn on the cob, cauliflower, broccoli, crackers (made myself), organic, non-sweetened applesauce (made myself), peaches, mango and maybe a few other fruits/veggies, making sure they're all organic of course. Oh, I got a little over-eager last week and gave him two tiny tastes of applesauce and he was fine when it was on the front of his tougne, but as it moved towards the back of his tougne, he gagged pretty badly. So, now I'm backing off again. Just offering him small chunks of stuff when we sit down to eat.

So, ds has "officially" tried all these foods, but I define "tried" as it was on his tray and some of the juice of the food may have made it's way into his mouth. I'm really trying hard not to pressure him because I don't want any food issues for him later in life, but society makes it so hard, yk?

Anyway, I'll be watching this thread, I'm interested in your respones too.
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DD didn't become really interested in solids until she was about 15 months. Still, at 20 months, she will choose breastmilk over solids if I give her the chance. I think some kids just take a long time getting into them....and why not?.....breastmilk is just so awesome!
I wouldn't worry. Just offer what you are eating and if they take some great. If not, don't push the issue and finish your meal. They will eventually begin to eat something besides breastmilk.
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DS was like that as well. He got most of his nutrition through nursing. A few things helped. The smoothie suggestion, also juicing. We also got a learning tower at about 15 months ( a great stool for the kitchen where the child can help cook and see what is going on) and his interest in food increased. If you are fine with nursing being his main source of food and he is thriving, no worries, he will eat solids eventually. If you really want the interest in food, limit the nursing. When I nursed on demand, this was his meal of choice. When I started to cut down to certain times of the day, he ate more food.

Good luck,

Do you have food allergies in the family? Some kids with food allergies "self select" their food by starting solids late and avoiding bothersome foods.

My dd didn't take solids until 11 months- that was a few O-shaped cereal pieces. She didn't eat much until 15 months and now at five has a healthy appetitie for a wide variety of foods.

Hang in there! My midwife actually encourages parents to hold off solids and exclusively breastfeed until 12 months (then begin adding solids with bf-ing).
He just isn't an oral child. You know how some kids go around the house putting everything in their mouths? DS puts nothing in his mouth except for my breast or his finger if his teeth are really bothering him. There are allergies that run in the family, though dh and I don't seem to be troubled by them too much. I keep telling myself that by the time he is interested in solids, we'll be past the stage where you have to worry about what you're offering them. I mean, there are so many books out there that tell you to offer X after 8 months and Y after 10 months. I don't see how I could keep track of all that. Most kids these days are ff so food is a lot more interesting to them. But for bf babies, not only is the food good, it is also time to connect with mommy. Did I mention that he also refuses breastmilk in a bottle or sippy cup? He will only take milk from me. So I'm pretty tied down right now. He normally nurses every 1.5 hours when he's awake, though I'll leave him for as much as 3 hours occasionally. He weighs more than 25 pounds at 11 months and has lots of rolls. He seems to be developing normally as well. At his 9 month check, our ped wasn't worried about him at all - he didn't even run an iron test, which I was figuring they'd do. So I think he's okay. It just makes me feel better to know that we're not the only ones doing this.
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My DS is 18 months old and he ate more solids when he was 9 months than he does now.And never ate the "recommended" daily amounts even then.
I've asked my ped. numorous times because I was concerned too, but he says not to worry and ds doesn't need vitamins. He's growing fine, & developing normally, he just has very little interest in solids.
I always offer but he runs away. I agree, no forcing, that's a no-no and I don't think it really works. My guy sometimes accepts food then spits it out when he decides otherwise, and he's quite good at spitting, so I can't imagine even being able to force feed someone anyway!

I figure when he is ready he will eat solids regularly. I'm finally starting to relax about it.
At 16 months, my dd is showing some increased interest in food- though that would be that she actually eats some of the food that she puts in her mouth rather than spitting it back out. Unfortunately, she also does this with the dog food, but that's beside the point!
I really worried about how little solid food she ate for a while but was unwilling to force anything. Then time passed, she grew fine without solid foods, and I relaxed. Actually it's pretty convenient- I don't have to worry about packing up a bunch of stuff if we are going somewhere for a few hours!
I would say that if your son is 25 lbs at 11 months he is growing FINE! My dd is only 21 lbs at 16 months.

Relax and enjoy the continued convenience of (almost) exclusively bfing!
Just chiming in to say that this is something I worry about too - my ds is 13 mo and sometimes eats and sometimes doesn't - mostly he likes to throw, squish and otherwise investigate the food - this seems to be the case with most of his friends too - I think some kids just don't eat until later -

I just keep offering and figure one day he will start taking it more frequently. Just wanted to say you are not alone!

eta: I also think that teething makes my ds not eat so much and that there is so much going on with kids this age needing to move and figure out their bodies that they just cannot stop to eat, ykwim?
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DD was still almost exclusively BF up to around 18 months. She just wasn't interested in solid food and I never pushed her.

Now she is not picky AT ALL - loves fruit, veggies, tofu - heck, just about everything. my advicxe is let her learn to trust what she needs.
Hi, just wanted to say we're in the same boat here-ds2 is 10 months old, and shows little to no interest in solids. It's fine with me
Breastmilk is yummy! I think they know when they're ready-ds1 didn't start eating solids regularly until he was about 16 months. He is now 4yrs old and a solid 45lbs! He has a very healthy appetite and will eat anything and everything (except onions and green peppers
) I think you are right to not want to force a child to eat. Keep trusting your instincts
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BTDT, every time we had a well baby check I would make sure to mention to the pedi that ds was simply refusing to eat solids, but that he was a great nurser. She was non-chilant about it and assured me he would eat when he was good and ready...and he did. He was always steady in his growth chart...for whatever's that is worth.

I would say that it was a bit after turning 2 that he was really into solids.
I don't have much time now to read these responses, but I will when I get a few minutes. DS will be 1yr in 3 weeks, and he still doesn't take much in the way of solids. He will not be spoon fed, but likes to finger feed himself. I worry a little over it, but mostly think he will eat more when he needs to. I just keep offering tastes of what we eat. My milk must be very satisfying!
Thanks for this thread! We were getting a bit worried about our ds who is 8 mos old. We started reading conventional parenting mags and advice and didn't trust our instincts that he is just not ready yet. We tried mashed and pureed sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, etc. His favorite is avacado if he is going to "eat" anything. He is more interested in the spoon and it's by accident he gets food in his mouth! Oh well, now I know we have plenty of time. He is growing just fine, in fact he is about 21lbs! Mama must be makin heavy cream!
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