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Hi Moms,

I just realized I've been on these boards for a while and never actually introduced myself. By way of explanation, at other boards, the members don't seem as close knit as you all are here, and it hit me today - I barged in and didn't properly introduce myself.

I'm 33, been married almost 5 years to the guy I lived with for a 5 year trial period. My mom was married 6 times, twice to the same man, so I wanted to be reasonably sure! We wrote our own wedding vows, promising to give each other room and encouragement to grow and change throughout our lives, and promising to cherish that growth as necessary and beautiful.

I was raised by my mom in one state and dad in another. This led me to be 1/2 baptist and 1/2 cult follower be as a kid. Nowadays, I believe in mother earth, father sky, and us.

I am the proud mother to two incredible daughters, 15 month old identical twins. I have never been so much in love.

I work to support our family. DH is a SAHD. I daydream of being a SAHM and have plans to reverse roles with him when the girls are 4 or so. He is making plans to be sure this happens.

So, that's my story so far. I'm pleased to meet you all and am glad to be welcomed here.

Well, back to the boards!

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