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hello, i have a 5.5 mo son who seems to prefer breastmilk from the bottle. with my first son (now almost 4) i never pumped and i he ate several times a night for months and months and i had tons of milk.<br><br>
this time around my husband is giving our son a bottle of pumped milk (4-6 oz) around 11pm each night and i nurse at the second wake up around 3am... my husband does the 1st feed about 4 nights a week<br><br>
plus 2 days a week i am out and the sitter gives him pumped milk...<br><br>
i love that this time around i am not over tired and losing my mind from exhaustion but i hate that my milk supply is low. every week by thursday/friday i barely have milk for him to drink at bedtime. i wish he would suck longer to get my supply up but instead he gives up if the milk isn't flowing freely<br><br>
plus, he seems to prefer the ease of drinking from a bottle. i don't want to stop BFing but it is sooooo stressful this time. (my first son weaned at 2 yrs & 10 months)<br><br>
i pump every morning right after his morning feed (before nap) and i pump every night after he goes to bed after his bedtime feed (and on the nights my husband does a feed i also pump before i go to sleep - usually 9.30 pm) and on the days i am out i try to pump every 3 hrs...<br><br>
what is wrong? i'm pumping and taking goat's rue.... any suggestions?
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