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I'm 8.5 wks pg with #2 and not showing at all. I keep reading of all these women who are showing at 5-6 wks pg and now I'm feeling worried that my jeans still fit me perfectly, lol. Anyone else not got a baby belly yet?
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I like to say I'm showing, but it's mainly just a bigger belly from eating too much at one time! That and I hadn't gotten rid of the final little pooch from my last pg, so I'm claiming it's this new little one! But shhh, don't tell anyone!
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not really showing here, just still chubby from #1...

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I'm a week behind you, and if I don't suck it in, I show, but otherwise, nothing. I'm surprised and cautiously optimistic that I'm not packing on the pounds so fast like I did last time around. By 8 weeks last time around, I was up a pant size already, by 10 weeks, my shirts didn't fit for the bigger ta-tas (WOOOOHOOOOO!!!...doesn't look to happen this time around, though).

I remind myself that by the time this is all said and done with we will be griping about how done we are being pregnant...when I need inspiration for keeping my patience, I visit August and September DDCs.

No worries, right?!!
I'm also 8.5 weeks and pg with #2. I'm not actually "showing". In certain t-shirts I look like I've eaten a few too many donuts, but I can still suck it in and fit into all of my normal clothes, and I prefer to wear form-fitting (although not tight) clothing.
I'm pregnant w/#4 and I'm still not showing. I can let it all hang out and then I look like I'm pregnant, but I am still wearing the same old clothes. I'm mostly wearing loose stuff around the house because it is more comfortable, but I'm not *really* showing.
I am not showing yet either (9.5 weks) but like others have said, it may be masked by the extra cushion I have left from the last one.

Why get skinny in between babies right? Look at all the trouble I can get in even 20 pounds overweight!
I'm still wearing the same old pants, and this is pregnancy #3 for me.
crashing your ddc.... I'm 20.5 weeks with #2 and I'm still not showing. I measure just right though. Everyone shows differently, I'd say it's absolutely nothing to worry about. I didn't show with #1 until I was 8 mos. and she was 7 lbs 12 oz at birth.
I'm 8.5 ish weeks also and not showing at all...
My clothes still fit fine.
Hello ladies. My name is Felicia. I will be eleven weeks this Friday. Today is literally the 1st day I can honestly say I am showing. Of course it is my first and I was about 30 pounds overweight to start. So until now, it looked like I was just getting heavier still. Funny thing is, I've only gained 4 pounds. Now that I can see something, I'm strangley compelled to look, rub, and even talk to my little bean.

1st babe due March 2, 2007
after m/c March 21, 2006 at about 8 weeks
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I am 10.5 weeks and not showing. I am overweight, so no tight abs her to help. I didn't go into maternity clothes with my daughter until I was 6 months.
LOL I posted the same thing not long ago in the belly pic thread. I am not really showing either and I am 8 weeks and 5 days. I noticed yestersay for the first time that my jeans wear tight on me. I can also tell laying down that I have a baby. But I am still flabby from dd almost 2 years ago. LOL
I think it depends on your definition of showing. I noticed my belly poking out at 6 weeks, but now I'm almost 11 weeks and no-one can tell I'm pg. So I'm showing to me, but not to anyone else. And I can still fit into non-maternity pants, although they are snug around the waist now.

I"m 8 weeks and 6 days, and not showing yet either. I look a little heavier to me around the upper tummy area, but that's just constipation and bloatedness. I'm still wearing all my same clothes.

I've also been soo tired that I haven't been going to the gym quite as often and sleeping and lazing around a lot more. So that might have something to do with it, lol. I'll have to make a better effort to keep my gym dates.
I'm 10.5 weeks and not showing yet. All my clothes still fit and I keep wondering if I'm really pregnant.

Glad to know I'm not the only one! It's not that I don't look pg to other people, but I don't even look any diff to me. Kristen - it makes me wonder if I'm really pg too!
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