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My ds is 6mos. old now and we have been doing EC for 3 mos. I was doing pretty good,I thought, at reading his signals catching most all poos and many pees a day. Some days better than others of course depending on activities(running errands,etc.) and my ability to be tuned in. He would usually tell me that he had to go by getting fussy all the sudden. Then the "foot rub" appeared in concert with some fussiness. no nighttime EC. We do do some nakey-bum time a few days a week but inevitably i have some missed pees to clean up. (I wonder if he assoaciates diaper free with a pee for all
Now for the last week or two he never seems to signal me to take him to poop but he still signals for most pees although I don't seem to catch them all. I always get him after sleeptimes.
He also seems to be using the fussy foot rub to mean other things. I am getting confused and was taking him to the potty alot and then backed off since he didn't always have to go. Any one else experience this?
i wonder if I have been giving him mixed signals by not taking him as much or something else i am doing.
He has been getting more fussy in general recently. Also I think developmentally he may be changing as he is REALLY into grabbing at everything! and gets frustrated at times when we don't do his bidding. Also working on some new verbalization(is that a word?
)Should I relax about EC? and be satisfied that he does know that I am interested in his elimination or should I be more observant and try diaper-free for a few days and really try to time/watch for his elimination ion to get restarted?
Thanks for any suggestions or reply.
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