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My dd is almost 23 months. I'm 20 weeks pregnant. We've been working on night weaning and it's going well. She goes back to sleep for DH in minutes, as opposed to with me, it takes forever if it even happens. She will not settle for me without nursing and even if she does nurse, it's a crap shoot if she settles down.<br><br>
The problem is, that it's taking at least an hour to get her in bed at night and then she's up and ready at 4 am. She's not going to bed until 8 at least, despite us starting "bedtime" at 6:30 with a rigid routine. She naps for about an hour during the day at 11. She is a hardcore sleep fighter and has been since day 1. We have a black out shade, she has a fan running, and no dice. DH leaves for work at 4:15 and even if he's silent, that seems to be her cue to get up no matter what.<br><br>
I go in and nurse her/lay with her as soon as she starts stirring and rarely I can get her to sleep for another 45 minutes. I'm tired. She's tired. What can I do?<br><br>
She was co-sleeping, but now she's in her own room. DH goes into her room at night when she wakes. We have been able to get 8 hour stretches from her since night weaning, but again, it's the 4 am wake up that's killing me. We chose to night wean because it was getting to the point where every other night or so nursing would "wake" her up if you will and she'd want to get up and party at 1 am until 3ish. As soon as I stopped nursing at night, this stopped.<br><br>
Also, will she ever let me comfort her at night without nursing? Or would she need to wean during the day for this to happen as well?
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