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I'm sooooo right there with you!

I will not lie on my back for any reason if I can help it, because of the way my boobs sag, and end up under my armpits!! I'm even to the point of being too embarassed to let my husband see them
I know I've read that you can enhance your natural shape and fullness by using herbs,(like fenugreek tea)*but* please read up on this before you start anything, as they may have unwanted side effects, such as increasing milk supply (which is ok as long as your little one is nursing often enough for you not to become engorged).
If you can find the time to do bust exercises, you can build up the underlying tissue and muscles, which may help with the firmness. You can also talk to the beauty advisor at your local department store about creams that may help with restoring the elasticity of the skin, although I don't out a lot of hope in those.
Just know you're definately not alone!!
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